RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for June 23, 2019

Paul Caccamo VA3PC

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for June 23, 2019

This is V__3____, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week's bulletin


1.  RAC Canada Day contest next weekend.  Canada's birthday on the air!

Most of the RAC callsigns will be operating for the contest, why not work on your
"Worked all RAC award"? https://wp.rac.ca/operating/rac-operating-awards/#worked
Rules for the Canada Day contest can be found at the following web page:
-- RAC Website


2.     ONTARIO HAMFEST (sponsor - Burlington Amateur Radio Club)
Date    :  Saturday, July 13, 2019
Location:  Milton Fairgrounds, Milton Ontario
Times    :  Vendors 7 AM, Tailgaters 8 AM, Public 8:30 AM
Cost    :  8.00 each.
Talk-in :  146.520 No tone

    :  General Amateur equipment and supplies. Come out and see the newly updated Ontario Hamfest
with many new features.  Once again free coffee.  Hamburgers and Sausages available for purchase.
Contact    :  rod.clifton @ gmail.com
Webpage    :  https://www.barc.ca/ontario-hamfest


3. Next sunspot cycle may be 50% lower
NASA report research now underway may have found a reliable new method to predict solar activity.
The forecast for the next solar cycle says it will be the weakest of the last 200 years.
The maximum of this next cycle – measured in terms of sunspot number, a standard measure of solar activity
level – could be 30 to 50% lower than the most recent one. The results show that the next cycle will start
in 2020 and reach its maximum in 2025.
The new research was led by Irina Kitiashvili, a researcher with the Bay Area Environmental Research
Institute at NASA’s Ames Research Center. It combined observations from two NASA space missions – the
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and the Solar Dynamics Observatory – with data collected since 1976
from the ground-based National Solar Observatory.
Kitiashvili’s method differs from other prediction tools in terms of the raw material for its forecast.
Previously, researchers used the number of sunspots to represent indirectly the activity of the solar
magnetic field. The new approach takes advantage of direct observations of magnetic fields emerging on
the surface of the Sun – data which has only existed for the last four solar cycles.

Read the full story at:

4.  RASA calls for an increase to 1 kW for VK Amateurs

The Radio Amateur Society of Australia (RASA) has written to the Australian Government radio regulator
seeking an increase in output power from 400W to 1kW for advanced class amateurs.
RASA Secretary, Dr. Andrew Smith, VK6AS, produced a research/ background paper on how the issues of
higher power at HF and EMR/I/C limits are managed in other countries.
The paper concludes that:
• there is no health or occupational health reason preventing power limits for (Australian)
Radio Amateurs in the HF/VHF/UHF bands to be increased; and
• there is little or no evidence that suggests that an increase in power will increase complaints of RFI.

The complete executive summary and paper may be found at:

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or clarifications?
Hearing none, This is V__3____ returning the frequency to net control.

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