RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for February 8, 2020

Paul Caccamo VA3PC

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Feb 8, 2020

This is V__3____, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week's bulletin


1.  QRZ.com Ends Identity Verified Program

The popular QRZ.com amateur radio website has dropped its verified member program, which the site
instituted last year in an effort to combat fraud and password phishers. Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ said the
change will “transition our online swapmeet rules to reflect more open policies. The site introduced
two-factor authentication last June and later the verified member program.

Lloyd said that by dropping the identity verified requirement, QRZ expects to see an increase in
equipment listings and greater participation.  Individuals listing equipment will still need to
provide photos of actual items for sale, and photos must include the seller’s call sign. Only ham
members — those having a listed call sign page — may sell in the swapmeet. Those perusing the
listings will generally be allowed to post comments or questions about any listing, Lloyd said.

Lloyd said that QRZ did not save documents that were provided for user identification. Two-factor
authentication will remain an option, but swapmeet users will not be required to use it.

-- arrl news


2.  VE3CJ Memorial Spring Fleamarket

Sponsor    :  Burlington Amateur Radio Club
Date    :  Saturday, February 29, 2020
Location:  COMPASS POINT BIBLE CHURCH, 1500 Kerns Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7P 3A7
Times    :  Vendors at 7AM, Public at 830 AM, Closes at noon.
Cost    :  $8 individual admission
Talk-in :  147.210 Tone 131.8 - VE3RSB VHF repeater
Website : https://www.barc.ca

-- RAC events listing


3. Blackout-causing 'super' solar storms happen more often than we thought

Powerful solar storms pose a great danger to our technologies here on Earth, and space weather scientists
just determined that we see these storms far more often than we thought, possibly up to once every 25 years.

In September of 1859, while observering sunspots with his telescope, astronomer Richard Carrington witnessed
what is still considered to be the most powerful solar flare ever seen. Just days later, the event was
followed by intense auroral displays that were visible all the way to the equator.

Long distance telegraph lines became so charged with electricity that operators suffered shocks, and for days
after they could even send nessages without hooking the system up to a power source.
In the aftermath, Carrington linked the events, effectively discovering 'space weather' for the very first time.

Decades later, in July of 2012, satellites observing the Sun spotted an immense cloud of plasma - a coronal
mass ejection - erupting into space. Detailed computer modelling revealed that if this rapidly expanding cloud
had erupted just two weeks earlier, it would have scored a direct hit on Earth, causing another
"Carrington-level" solar storm.

Lloyds of London performed a study that showed, based on the impacts of the Carrington Event, if Earth had
taken a direct hit from the 2012 solar storm, it would have caused world-wide blackouts and satellite failures,
with a pricetag to the global economy totalling in the trillions of dollars.

Full article link :

-- southgate news

4. Diving deep for 'the world's most famous radio'

What extremes would YOU go to to get your hands on an old radio? If that radio is the wireless transmitter that
operator Jack Phillips used April 15, 1912 to summon help for the doomed RMS Titanic, those extremes likely
include ocean depths. The U.S. company that has salvage rights to the wreckage is ready to make that trip - and soon.

It's asking a U.S. District Court judge in Eastern Virginia to approve an undersea expedition to the ship's interior
to retrieve the Marconi transmitter that summoned the RMS Carpathia.

The Washington Post said that Parks Stephenson, a Titanic expert, called the transmitter "the world's most
famous radio."

-- southgate news

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or clarifications?
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