RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for February 22, 2020

Paul Caccamo VA3PC

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for February 22, 2020

This is V_3___, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada with this week's bulletin.


1. Coronavirus Outbreak Postpones Swains Island DXpedition

The W8S DXpedition to Swains Island in the Pacific, set to take place in mid-March, has been
postponed until fall as a result of travel restrictions imposed on individuals entering American
Samoa, stemming from the recent coronavirus outbreak. The Department of Health allows non-residents
to enter American Samoa only via Hawaii after a 14-day mandatory quarantine in Hawaii, and the
DXpedition was unable to accommodate that requirement.

“Everything is prepared for our DXpedition, and we are eager to go, but unfortunately the
coronavirus outbreak is out of our control,” the DXpedition team said in announcing the delay.
“Although this is a disappointment for everyone, the W8S DXpedition is not cancelled, but just
postponed for later this year.”

The DXpedition said it would update amateurs as soon as it has new firm dates for the trip.

--arrl news

2. Down Under Special Event Will Use Former Radio Australia Antennas

Over the March 14 – 15 weekend, members of the Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club
will be on the air as VI3RA, connecting their transceivers to the curtain array and rhombic antennas

at the former Radio Australia site in Shepparton. Radio Australia ceased transmitting from the site

in 2017. VI3RA will operate on 40, 30, 20, 17, and 15 meters.

“This is a rare opportunity for amateur radio operators, who are only allowed a peak output power
of 400 W in Australia to hopefully achieve some remarkable communication outcomes. We expect to get
a gain of 15 dB on the lower frequencies and at least 20 dB on 21 MHz.”

The special event is being conducted in cooperation with BAI Communications (Broadcast Australia).

More information at: http://www.sadarc.org/


3. Distracted Driving update: Ontario has granted permanent two-way radio exemption for Amateurs

RAC Directors Allan Boyd, VE3AJB (Ontario North/East) and Phil McBride, VA3QR (Ontario South)
have been working hard on the distracted driving issue.

Effective February 14, 2020, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has “made permanent the exemption
under Ontario Regulation 366/09 (Display Screens and Hand-Held Devices) of the Highway Traffic Act
for hand-held two-way radios for commercial drivers and Amateur Radio operators.”

The official publication of the amendment to the regulations is available online and is provided on
The RAC Distracted Driving webpage.

--  By Alan Griffin


4. Spy radio found during archaeological dig

A 30-year-old Soviet spy radio has been found by archaeologists in a site cleared for a new lignite mine
about 30 km west of Köln in Germany.

The spy radio was buried inside a large metal box that was hermetically sealed. Although the radio's
batteries had run down after almost 30 years in the ground, the box hissed with inrushing air when
it was opened.

The radio has been identified as a model R-394KM transmitter and receiver — code-named "Strizh," meaning
"Swift" — that was manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1987. It was carried by agents into Western Europe
shortly after that, and only a few years before the fall of the "Iron Curtain" that divided Europe.

The high-frequency radio was capable of transmitting and receiving messages as far as 1,200 km — far enough
to reach Warsaw in Poland, which was then part of the Soviet bloc.

Read the full story at https://www.livescience.com/soviet-spy-radio-discovered-germany.html 

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or clarifications?
Hearing none, This is V_3___ returning the frequency to net control.

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