RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for October 5, 2019

Paul Caccamo VA3PC

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for October 5, 2019

This is V__3____, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week's bulletin


1. IARU taking action on radio spectrum pollution

The Administrative Council (AC) of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) held its annual
in-person meeting on September 28-29, 2019 in Lima, Peru. The AC is responsible for the policy
and management of the IARU and consists of the three IARU international officers and two
representatives from each of the three IARU regional organizations.

The AC conducted its final review of IARU preparations for the 2019 World Radiocommunication
Conference (WRC-19) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). WRC-19 has a lengthy
agenda, with items of direct interest to the amateur service including consideration of
improvements to the amateur allocation in Region 1 at 50 MHz, protection of existing allocations
to the amateur service, and development of the agenda for the next WRC in 2023.

Looking beyond WRC-19 the AC recognized the need for an increased commitment to influencing the work
of standards organizations, particularly the International Special Committee on Radio Interference
(CISPR) and its participating national committees. The rising level of radio spectrum pollution
caused by unnecessary and unwanted emissions from electronic devices such as wireless power transfer
for electric vehicle recharging is a serious threat to radiocommunication services including
the amateur service.

An extensive discussion was held to identify the principal challenges facing amateur radio and how
the IARU and its member-societies can better address them.

Upgrading of the current websites of the IARU and its three regional organizations is underway
and should be completed in the coming months. The AC adopted a Brand Guide to ensure a common
identity across the IARU organization.

The theme for next year’s World Amateur Radio Day, April 18, was confirmed as “Celebrating Amateur
Radio’s Contribution to Society.”

The next in-person meeting of the AC is scheduled to be held immediately prior to the IARU Region 1
Conference in Serbia, in October 2020. Virtual AC meetings are also planned beginning in
December 2019 and January 2020.

-- Source IARU

2.  Australian amateurs get 2 x 1 contest callsigns

Australia Communications and Media Authority (AMCA) has agreed to committee recommendations and
the VK 2 x 1 block (i.e. VK0A-VK9Z) will be made available for contest stations. The block
will be managed directly by the ACMA’s outsourced provider, the Australian Maritime College (AMC).
AMC will issue a letter of authorisation to each successful applicant.
There will be no separate licence issued.

2 x 1 callsigns will be available for Advanced licence holders, and each callsign will be issued for
12 months. The callsigns are only for use in contests – they are not available for general use.
The applicant must illustrate an ongoing commitment to contest operation by making a minimum 750
contacts over 4 contests in a 12-month period.

The AMC is currently preparing for implementation of the new callsign block. A further announcement
will follow when AMC is ready to start issuing callsigns.

-- RASA President, Glenn VK4DU


3. Election for RAC Director - Ontario South Region

Three nominations have been received for the position of RAC Director for the Ontario South Region.

Following a review of the documentation submitted and taking into account the constitutional and
election process requirements, the Election Committee determined that the nomination papers were
complete and in order for the following individuals. Their bios are provided on the RAC website.

    Phil A. McBride, VA3QR/VA3KPJ
    Igor Slakva, VE3ZF/VA3YDX
    Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT

The Committee recommended a Ballot by Mail pursuant to Article 6 (Method of Election) in the RAC
Constitution, for the Director for the Ontario South Region. Ballots are being mailed to Ontario
South Section members.

The closing date for the return of ballots to RAC Headquarters is Friday, October 25 by 12 noon.
-- (Al) M. Masse, VE3CWP, RAC Corporate Secretary


4. "Storm Area 51" Event Attracts Modest Crowd

The much-heralded "Storm Area 51" event that started out as a joke on social media, prompted states
of emergency in two Nevada counties and spurred an ARES® deployment. As do many storms, this one
failed to live up to its hype. No one stormed anything, and no extraterrestrials were sighted,
beyond variously costumed earthlings embracing the vibe.
The Storm Area 51 weekend of September 20 - 22 instead morphed into a music festival and other events
along a 50-mile stretch of highway running through the Nevada desert known as Extraterrestrial Highway
(Nevada Highway 375).

Some 2 million initially indicated they were game for the event, but an estimated 3,000 to 4,000
visitors heeded the call, and only a hundred or so even made it to the main gate. A couple of people
were arrested.

A major concern was that a horde of visitors to the small towns of Rachel and Hiko would come ill
prepared for the desert environment and overwhelm the few available facilities available. With
virtually no local infrastructure and faced with the possibility of being overrun by visitors,
officials in Lincoln and Nye counties declared states of emergency. The town of Rachel, in Lincoln
County, has just 50 inhabitants. No serious problems were reported. ARES teams
planned to staff and support six incident-specific locations along Extraterrestrial Highway.

Multiple Facebook sites opened to promote the "Alienstock" music festival in Rachel, and an Area 51
Basecamp in Hiko. Other UFO-inspired events popped up along the desolate Extraterrestrial Highway.
Law enforcement and medical personnel were posted, along with the Nevada National Guard.
Visitors came from as far away as Australia.

-- arrl news

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